The WordPress Content Management system is the standard for content management across the industry.


The Chronicles of My Motorcycle Riddick


I helped a local motorcycle enthusiast to update and flesh out the over all look and feel of their WordPress site. Updated the layout, added new images and provided training.


CARE Canada Gift Catalogue


I am responsible for content updates for all the existing products and category pages. Also, graphic and copy updates.


Hâvre-Jeunesse / Teen Haven


As well as performing a design overhaul, I am tasked with occasionally updating content on the new site. I also work with the their team to help create search engine optimized content.


PCC Barrhaven – Presbyterian Church in Canada


Working with the online task forced assembled by the minstry, I help to manage content deployment and training. When needed I provide help in posting and organizing new content.


The Ottawa Mission


As The Multimedia Coordinator at The Ottawa Mission part of my responsibilities included web design and content development. I managed and implemented the on-going design and content needs.


University of Ottawa


For this contract, I work with The University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute to perform on-going annual updates to the site graphics, content and design.


Canadian Culinary Federation – Ottawa Branch


For this contract, I am tasked with ongoing content and graphic management services. I also manage the hosting account and details.


Professional Association of Volunteer Leaders


For this contract, I perform the duties and responsibilities of Web Master for the PAVRO province-wide website. Their current site runs on the Wild Apricot platform.


Ottawa Administrators of Volunteer Resources


For this contract, I perform the duties and responsibilities of Web Master for the OAVR website.  This includes; hosting account, content and graphic management.

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